Can-Am League Returning to Sussex County

Can-Am League LogoAl Dorso, owner of Skylands Stadium in Sussex County (NJ), announced Monday that efforts to land a professional baseball team to play at the ballpark have finally paid off.  An official announcement is expected in the next day or two, but Dorso said the team will be an indy pro Can-Am League franchise.  Read more here.


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9 responses to “Can-Am League Returning to Sussex County

  1. Shauna

    This puts the Can Am League back to a small, but even numbered, league of 6 for the 2015 season. I cannot imagine two more teams popping up anytime soon to make 8 teams.

    • How will the interlocking schedule with the AA work now that one league has an even # of teams and the other has an odd # ?

      • Edward Roberts

        @Brian – I also was wondering about the interleague schedule. With Joplin the AA has 13 teams so they’ll need to add a team. My guess would be either a travel team or assuming the UL is done then maybe a short-term return to Fort Worth.

      • Dean

        @ Brian & Edward… I can’t see the AA adding a travel team to get to 14 teams. It wouldn’t surprise me if the travel team was added to the Can-Am League, smaller geographical landscape than the AA, and the Can-Am League has had a travel team before in the form of the NYSL Federals (2011).

      • Sounds like the Can-Am League will be bringing back the Grays as a traveling team in order to balance out the leagues.

  2. Dean

    If it is true this is great news for the Can-Am League. The travel between the US teams will be limited therefore money will be saved and quite honestly the travel between the Canadian teams is rather minimal as well. Put it this way in minor league sports you’re always going to have long bus rides at some point. Hopefully Sussex County has enough time to get things properly going. Player wise they should be fine as most teams don’t begin recruiting new players until the new year but the off field stuff is a totally different story. Does anybody have photos of the renovations that have been done to Skylands?

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