Rename Amarillo Sox or Keep the Name the Same – It’s Up to the Fans

Amarillo Sox LogoStephanie Tucker, vice president and general manager of the indy pro Amarillo Sox (American Association), is giving baseball fans in the Texas Panhandle a unique opportunity to rename the baseball team or keep it the same.  To make a submission or voice support for the team’s current branding, fans need to go to the team’s Facebook page at  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Rename Amarillo Sox or Keep the Name the Same – It’s Up to the Fans

  1. Dave

    Amarillo Gold Sox is trademarked by a youth baseball organization in California which is why they’re called the Sox now. Lee didn’t do any homework on trademarking and copyrights before announcing the new team name of Sox. If you want the team to be successful again and have outstanding attendance bring back the Amarillo Dillas. Reunion Sports Group owns the “Dillas” trademark but if Gary Elliston is smart, he buys it back even if it costs $500K.

    • ballparkbiz


      Not “exactly” correct. “Gold Sox” was trademarked by the city of Marysville (CA) for use by the summer collegiate team there. The Amarillo team dropped it after being contacted by the Gold Sox ownership. Below is an article that covers the issue in more detail:

      Also, “Amarillo Gold Sox” has not been registered as a federal trademark. Yes, there is a difference between the “Gold Sox” and “Amarillo Gold Sox” wordmarks. The Amarillo team just couldn’t use “Gold Sox” by itself, which sort of complicates merchandising, etc.

      The “Amarillo Dillas” federal trademark is dead.

      I loved the old logo, but there would likely be a copyright issue (because it’s protected artwork):

      I hated the updated version of the logo:


  2. ballparkbiz

    The Amarillos Dillas was one of the best names ever, but that could potentially cause legal complications. The Amarillo Gold Sox is another one they should consider adopting with the historic logo below or a new version:

    Yes, I know all too well that the team originally bailed on the name when the Marysville Gold Sox challenged the use of it, but someone needs to learn a little bit about trademark law. I would be happy to explain it to them. Yes, they can use “Amarillo Gold Sox.” Now, I am a little unclear on the old logo copyright issues. That would have to be explored. I am not sure what rights Ebbets Flannels has to the artwork.

    If none of the above, go with something new and creative, but please, please ditch “Amarillo Sox.” The name is horribly generic, the ball logo was stolen from the Minnesota Twins, and the dangling sox logo the team originally adopted and quickly abandoned was stolen from the Boston Red Sox.


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