It’s the ‘Kokomo Jackrabbits’

Prospect League LogoAs we predicted, the summer collegiate Prospect League franchise in Kokomo (IN) will be known as the “Kokomo Jackrabbits.”  This might seem a little odd on its face, but there is a historic connection.  The Jackrabbit vehicle was produced by Apperson Brothers Automobile Company in Kokomo in the early 1900s.  Apperson was an American automobile manufacturer that built cars in Kokomo from 1902 to 1926.   View photos of a 1915 Apperson Jackrabbit Cloverleaf Roadster here.  As for the uniforms, we’re seeing vintage San Diego Padres here.

Kokomo Jackrabbits Logo




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6 responses to “It’s the ‘Kokomo Jackrabbits’

  1. Mark

    You called it Alan!

  2. The Prophet

    I was at the event today. It was very short, but got the word out. Everything was done very professionally. I also stopped by the new stadium in progress. I think it’s in a great location. This looks like a winner.

  3. ballparkbiz

    Nice to see the new “Get Jacked” Kokomo team channeling the East Texas Pump Jacks!


  4. Steve

    The Padres called…they’d like their font and colors from the 70s/80s back.

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