Can-Am Considers Potential Sixth Franchise

Can-Am League LogoCan-Am League (and American Association) Commissioner Miles Wolff recently talked with TSN 1200 radio about the start-up Ottawa Champions and the three-person ownership group that includes Wolff, David Gourley and Al Ramos.  Through the interview and in a article, we learn that a suitor with “deep pockets’ and a secured ballpark is seeking an expansion franchise.  Could it be A.J. KhubaniListen to Miles Wolff interview hereRead article in French hereClick here if you need to translate.


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2 responses to “Can-Am Considers Potential Sixth Franchise

  1. I wonder if Skylands Stadium could also be in the running for a Can-Am League team again. They drew pretty well during their first stint in the league (around 1500 per game) and would seem to be a safer bet than Newark.

  2. Dean

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Newark rejoined the Can-Am League fold. Let’s face it the baseball stadium in Newark is definitely adequate enough to house an independent team but the biggest problem is getting fans into the ballpark.

    I wonder if Atlantic City is another possibility. Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t some money been dumped into sandcastle stadium in recent years? Also weren’t there investors talking with the Atlantic League this summer about a possible franchise?

    Either way it would be nice to see the Can-Am League find a sixth team for 2015. 3 teams in Canada, 3 teams in the US, no other pro baseball league can say that!

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