Elkhart (IN) Baseball Stadium Remains on Hold

Elkhart County Miracle LogoIn not-so shocking news, plans for building a baseball stadium at the former site of a large farmers market in Elkhart (IN) remains on hold while the developer works to line up financing.  The new stadium was slated to be the home of the proposed Elkhart County Miracle in the revived but stalled indy pro Northern League.  The developer is now open to bringing in an independent or summer collegiate club.  Read more here.

Elkhart Baseball Stadium Rendering 2010


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4 responses to “Elkhart (IN) Baseball Stadium Remains on Hold

  1. The Prophet

    Oops! My bad. I guess the Elkhart team already has a name (The Miracle). Does anyone know the latest on All-Star Ballpark Heaven? I’m thinking this team should affiliate with the Los Angeles Angels. Maybe they could get Jesus Encarnacion to be the field manger.

  2. The Prophet

    If I were doing this project I’d want to know which league, or at least which level (indy pro or summer collegiate) I’d be playing in. The number of games played (approximately 100 for indy pro versus 60 or 72 for collegiate) makes a big difference when it comes to what kind of stadium you can (should) afford to build. Also, this site is approximately 17.4 miles from Four Winds Field where the South Bend Cubs will begin playing in 2015. Not that it can’t be done, but I’d think long and hard about what it is that’s going to make it more fun to go see the “Elkhart Fighting Amish” (working title) instead of going to see the South Bend Cubs.

  3. The problem exists with the league itself, who is Elkhart is going to play once they stadium is built? The organization should join the Northwoods or Prospect League, based on its proximity to other clubs in the area. I wish the Elkhart franchise the best; however, they have to be in a league with teams to play.

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