Jackson (MI) Considers New Ballpark Proposal

Frontier League logoDan DuBois, chief financial officer at RW Mercer Co. who also spent 14 seasons in finances and planning at Michigan International Speedway, is proposing a plan to build a new baseball stadium in Jackson (MI) and bring in a professional baseball team — possibly a Frontier League franchise.  Jackson has a city population of around 35,000.  Jackson County has a population of around 160,000.  Read more here.


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7 responses to “Jackson (MI) Considers New Ballpark Proposal

  1. Indy V

    That would be a rather small market, by the standards of that league. About 30 min. to Ann Arbor and about 30 to Lansing, and mostly rural until you get to either city. I don’t see a regional draw here.

    • styth

      Wouldn’t this be good for a Northwoods League team?

      • ballparkbiz

        It would, but not every owner is willing to swallow the unique Northwoods League franchise arrangement. That being said, the prospective owner could take that $10 million ballpark price tag down to let’s say $3-$5 million for a very nice summer collegiate facility.


    • id say this doesnt solve the problem of where to put the greys which imo should be ypsi/arbor

      • Indy V

        If UM was willing to partner with affiliated/indy/summer college, it would have done so before the Wilpon money was donated.

  2. Styth

    Why the Frontier League?

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