Quincy Gems Have New Owners, Changes Anticipated

Quincy Gems LogoNow that a group of locals stepped up to buy the summer collegiate Quincy Gems (Prospect League) for a reported $120,000, talk now turns toward the changes that could be coming to the team and their historic ballpark.  One of the changes mentioned is bringing the restrooms up to standard.  They indeed need fixing.  Below is a picture from our visit in 2013.  Read more here.

QU Stadium mens' restroom from BallparkHunter.com

QU Stadium mens’ restroom from BallparkHunter.com


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2 responses to “Quincy Gems Have New Owners, Changes Anticipated

  1. Been Around

    “I think all three of us are baseball people and it’s just kind of a passion. Just like everybody else has hobbies, this is kind of hobby and passion for us,” Martin said. “And it gave us an opportunity to keep the team in town.”

    Kiss of death.

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