6 responses to “New Pacific Northwest League Announced, Hoquiam First on Deck

  1. Been Around

    I’m no expert in all this but not knowing anyone’s contract situations, if players agree to play for $50 a month, $200 a month, whatever, and they get that pay, what’s the problem? Of course if they are not paid what their contract says that’s an issue, but if they get whatever money they’re promised, who cares?

  2. Matt

    the Pecos League pays all 22 players $50 to $70 per week

  3. Indy V

    What I am told by guys who play there is that just a portion of the roster is paid, and it’s around $200 a month, which is a joke.

  4. The Pecos League doesn’t pay all their players because they can’t or because they don’t need to ?

  5. Indy V

    My understanding is that the Pecos doesn’t pay all the players. By definition, that means the Pecos is not professional.

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