It’s the ‘Niagara Wild’ and ‘Newburgh Newts’ for Start-Up ECBL

East Coast Baseball LeagueThe start-up indy pro East Coast Baseball League has announced the franchise that will play at Welland Stadium in Welland (ON) will be known as the Niagara Wild.  The league also announced that the team that will play at Delano-Hitch Stadium in Newburgh (NY) will be known as the Newburgh Newts.


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8 responses to “It’s the ‘Niagara Wild’ and ‘Newburgh Newts’ for Start-Up ECBL

  1. Matt

    merge with CAN-AM League, or wouldn’t the CAN-AM league have already taken these parks.

    • ballparkbiz

      There will be no merger. The proposed circuit hasn’t even gotten off the ground. And yes, if these parks/markets were viable in the eyes of the Can-Am, Miles Wolff would have been in there working to secure them long ago.


  2. Does St. Catherines still have their stadium?

  3. This is true; there have been many leagues that have succumbed during their first year of operations. I believe that Welland and Newburgh have nice ballparks for baseball, but who else will join the league: Newark, Atlantic City, Jamestown and Newark? What about travel costs, team operations, player checks and everything else? It should be interested to

    • Indy V

      Boy, I think Welland has been vacant of any sort of for-profit ball since the collapse of the Canadian League mid-season in 2003. Newburgh has been empty even longer, since around 1998, I believe. I would say a league must have six teams with leases, at a minimum, to be credible at all.

  4. Indy V

    Will it be around for 2015?

  5. I am happy to see these two nice stadiums being once again used for pro baseball, but will the ECBL be around in 2016?

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