Jammers to Morgantown (UPDATED)

Jamestown Jammers LogoWest Virginia University LogoAs expected, the Single-A Jamestown Jammers (New York-Penn League) will reportedly be relocating to Morgantown (WV) and play at Monongalia County’s new baseball stadium being built for the West Virginia University Mountaineers.  Read more here.  Look for an indy pro or summer collegiate club to quickly fill the void at Russell Diethrick Park.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.  UPDATED:  View official release here.

West Virginia University Ballpark Rendering 7.24.14


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8 responses to “Jammers to Morgantown (UPDATED)

  1. Great discussion! I also think the PGCBL is a better fit simply because the facility is more in line with what that league tries to do. Travel isn’t much of a concern if you compare it to what they are doing now. Regardless, let’s hope that someone gets in there reasonably quick.

  2. The Prophet, you are absolutely correct in saying that the average fan could not tell the difference between the level of play. But there is certainly a lot of “cachet” that goes a long with being an affiliated minor league team. If the quality of play was all that mattered, cities would be clamoring for independent league teams.

    • The Prophet

      Good point, Brian, and Alan also touched on the “shame” of the loss of a piece of history– both valid insights. It’s all very interesting how it works. I’m from the Midwest so I don’t know the pecking order of things in the Northeast, but from what I see from here, the Cape Cod League has more cachet than any short-season single-A league I know of. And from what I see more locally, the Northwoods League is providing a ton of fun and excitement (perhaps not cachet) to a lot of communities where affiliated ball failed. There are many subjective opinions, and the business is very dynamic also. I think you are correct though, that the loss felt most by fans and communities is the cachet of being directly connected to Major League Baseball, or the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc. Thanks for your thoughtful response.

  3. I would think NYCBL because of the location of the teams. Other than Elmira and Newark in the Perfect Game, everyone else is too far away. I would like to see Bradford, PA get a team in the NYCBL. Would be great rivalries with Olean, Hornell and Wellsville(area)

  4. bb411

    Even though most knew this was coming, it is still a shame. One of the last stadiums of the old era of the New York-Penn League. Now the question is do they fill a collegiate summer league team in the NYCBL or Perfect Game?

    • ballparkbiz

      Yes, it is a shame. I would go with the PGCBL.


      • The Prophet

        Not to be confrontational, but why is this move considered to be a shame? If the departure of the Jammers meant the certain destruction of Russell Diethrick Park, perhaps that would be a shame, but is there that much of a drop off between short-season A ball and summer collegiate? I’m asking an honest question here. If a summer collegiate team moved in in 2015 and called themselves the Jammers, would the average fan know the difference? Would the ballpark experience be that much worse for the fans to call it a “shame?”

      • ballparkbiz

        From a business and average fan perspective, you are correct. When I use “a shame,” I mean it’s sad from a historical perspective.


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