New Ballpark Plan Announced for Utica (MI) (UPDATED)

Macomb County Michigan SealMacomb County (MI) Executive Mark Hackel on Monday announced a new 2,500-seat, multi-million dollar semi-professional baseball stadium that will be constructed within the next two years just west of downtown Utica.  General Sports Entertainment (GSE) of Rochester (MI) is behind the project.  Read more here. UPDATED:  View official announcement here.  Three or four teams will reportedly play out of the stadium as part of a new league that will be launched by GSE.  Read post-announcement news here.

Utica Michigan Ballpark Rendering


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2 responses to “New Ballpark Plan Announced for Utica (MI) (UPDATED)

  1. So I’ve seen this new “league” describe as semi-professional, independent, and summer collegiate. Does anyone know for sure what the scoop is on this ? Whenever I see someone describe a league as semi-pro, I assume they don’t know what they are talking about. Is there really any semi-pro leagues still around ?

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