Fayetteville Eyeballing Pro Ball?

Fayetteville SwampDogs LogoEarlier this year, the Fayetteville (NC) City Council quietly heard a pitch for building a minor league baseball stadium downtown.  It appears there is at least some serious interest, as council members are reportedly planning to take a field trip next week to Durham to visit, among other places, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Read more here.  While a new ballpark would be great for the city, we would hate to see a challenge to the highly successful summer collegiate Fayetteville SwampDogs (Coastal Plain League), which play at J.P. Riddle Stadium.

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One response to “Fayetteville Eyeballing Pro Ball?

  1. The Prophet

    I agree with you that a new stadium would be a threat to the existing collegiate operations. Cities/communities owe existing teams something in the way of consideration. I don’t know the situation in Fayetteville, but it would be bush league for a city to build a new stadium and invite a pro team in if there’s an existing summer collegiate team that has been a responsible organization, in my opinion.

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