Amid Financial Challenges, Colts Will Close Up Shop Early

San Angelo Colts LogoThe indy pro San Angelo Colts (United League), embroiled in financial problems, will reportedly shorten their current season by eight games.  Read more here (if you have a subscription).  As you recall, the Colts ownership filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last month.  Thank you, Bryant and Pierce.


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5 responses to “Amid Financial Challenges, Colts Will Close Up Shop Early

  1. Matt

    The Atlantic League is at much higher operating level than the United League…. The facilities don’t meet Atlantic League Standards…San Angelo should overthrow their owners and join the American Association…. that is logical move…

    • T. Dennelly

      Very familiar with the Atlantic League. They are looking to expand with three additional teams in Texas to solidify a western division with Sugarland. Getting the approval for the stadium and funding is always the major hurdle in establishing a team. Ask the Loudoun Hounds. The stadiums and property/parking are already there, now it is a matter of buying the property cheap from a bankrupt team/bank with all the zoning in place, and renovating it with accommodations, luxury suites, a restaurant, which is cheaper than starting from square one. The AL management are very shrewd business men. If this is the best route to establish franchises, they will pursue.

  2. William Spoonts

    David Kost, you are sooooo right. People in San Angelo have stopped supporting the Colts. Time for new ownership and mend fences.

  3. T. Dennelly

    The Atlantic League should swoop in on these United League teams and start renovating these TX stadiums. The zoning and community approval is already there. LaGrave Field would be a jewel for them.

  4. Dave Kost

    Once again…ownership short-changes Colts’ loyal fan base, corporate partners, season ticket holders, employees and community. Sad news – what Texas-sized mess.

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