Pecos League Wrap Up

Pecos League LogoThe fourth season of the Pecos Leagues came to a close Friday, when the Santa Fe Fuego defeated the Alpine Cowboys 7-3 in Game 3 of the league championship series.  Below is the unedited off-field report issued by the league for each of the 10 teams playing in 2014.

PRESS RELEASE – Pecos League settles numbers off the field. The 2014 season is complete. Below is the report of the 2014 Pecos League Teams.

Peco League 2014 Wrap Up1. Santa Fe Fuego-The Fuego lead the league in attendence and won the Northern Division. The Fuego had a great group of players on and off the field and the fans took note. The Fuego again hosted the All-Star Game. Fort Marcy Park lost its beer garden and made several other improvements. As soon as the burning of Zoozobra is complete fans will begin to look forward to 2015.

2. Alpine Cowboys-The Cowboys won the Southern Division and had great crowds and a great setting for baseball in West Texas. The Cowboys again ran their own concessions and are getting prepared for 2015 season.

3. White Sands Pupfish-The magic is back in Alamogordo. The Pupfish had their best season ever in total attendence, and finally had a team that the fans liked. The Pupfish will again hire a new manager in 2015 but Wally Anderson and Matt McNeile already have fans looking forward to the 2015 Season.

4. Trinidad Triggers-It was a very calm year in Colorado for the Pecos League. The Triggers again made the playoffs in the Northern Division but didn’t have the TV show following them. The Triggers were hampered a little bit by weather issues but had a great season on and off the field. The Triggers had a huge following from fans outside of the region who popped in to see a Triggers Game after the reality show aired.

5. Taos Blizzard- The Blizzard established baseball in Taos and drew well in the 2nd half of the season. Fans were sad to see the season end so soon and are already looking forward to 2015. The Players loved playing in Taos with their state of the art lights.

6. Bisbee Blue- The Blue had a dissapointing year in total attendence but the Blue established themselves within the Community as a Summer Entertainment Option. The Blue completed the season and had their largest attendence night the last game of the season. The Bisbee Blue were cast in the shadow of the Previous College Summer Wood Bat Teams The Copperkings and Ironmen. These teams never finished the season and fans knew right away the Pecos League was a much better league. Bisbee will have to support itself, likely as the lone Arizona Team going forward.

7. Roswell Invaders-The Invaders made the playoffs again, but had their worst year of attendence ever. The Invaders had their hardcore fans but actually sold more merchandise than tickets. Their gear is one of the most popular brands/designs in minor league baseball. The Invaders fans complained about lack of offense and no players that were they could identify. The Invaders had their best pitching staff ever and made deadline trades to improve their offense. The Invaders are already regrouping are looking to have a turnaround like Alamogordo did from 2013-2014.

8. Raton Osos-The Osos had a huge down year. The Osos had fans but the fans complained about have to pay $6 for tickets and team revenue was 40% of what it was the first year. The writing may be on the wall in Raton, there is not enough money to support a baseball team. Like many events that have come and gone in Raton money is always an issue. The future is unknown for the Osos in 2015. The reality TV show that featured the Triggers was not popular in Raton with fans at all. Several host families pulled out and the Osos are wearing on City Resources. The Pecos League had issues with umpiring scheduling that left Raton with five games uncovered that had to be covered by local umpires. Fans and Locals felt the Pecos League didn’t care about Raton. Despite these issues Raton’s Ballpark is ideal for Pecos League and their location next to Trinidad is great and all visiting teams loved the Microtel.

9. Las Vegas Train Robbers- The Train Robbers had 21 of their 70 games rained out. They only were able to play a limited number of home games and had virtually no attendence. The City of Las Vegas experienced a political change as the City Manager of Las Vegas left and went to Santa Rosa. The Train Robbers followed him for one game in Santa Rosa which sold out. The one game in Santa Rosa outdrew Las Vegas for their entire season. The Beer Vendor often failed to show up, which irritated local fans.

10. Douglas Diablos-When the 2014 schedule was announced many people questioned the Pecos League decision to have a team in Douglas Arizona. The team was a balancing team for Bisbee to have another Arizona Team. The Diablos had no following at all from the annoucement of the team, from opening day to the end of the season. The Diablos could not even get the Little League Director to have youth nights. Hotel Gadsden made huge money on the Pecos League as both Bisbee and Douglas used the Gadsden as the hotel for visiting teams. The Gadsden was also home to Spring Training. The City of Douglas was the only group that supported the Diablos. The City provided the team with housing for players and ran beer and concessions. The City also helped the team as best as it could. The Copper King Ballpark the Diablos played in was ideal for the Pecos League with dual club houses and seating for 2000. The Pecos League hosted Spring Training in Douglas, the Diablos participated in every community event they could. There was no following at all. The City of Douglas will unlikely want the Pecos League to return for the 2015 season.


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2 responses to “Pecos League Wrap Up

  1. Styth

    This might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read that has come out of a league office.

  2. Jason

    It is good to know that the fans in Raton did not like the Pecos League reality show and that the Microtel is popular with players. What will the league tell us next-the manager of Roswell makes a mean chili, the potholes on Main Street in Taos need to be repaired or that the service on drive-thru at the Jack in the Box in Alpine is slow during the breakfast rush hour.

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