New Pro League on Deck?

East Coast Baseball LeagueWe’re not sure how legitimate this is, but a new independent professional league called the East Coast Baseball League is being proposed.  As usual, we’ll take a wait-and-see approach, but it’s a red flag when information about the founder(s) is non-existent.  It’s also a red flag when a new league is seeking “Player Data” on the front page of their website.  That’s the last thing they should be worrying about at this juncture.  View website here.


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6 responses to “New Pro League on Deck?

  1. pissed off chick

    Ok I am living the ECBL right now. There are many red flags and I’m freaking out for the coaches and players. I need help and someone that knows more. The guys are currently in the MBWL (myrtle beach winter league) set up by Colin Cummins. There are staying in North Carolina and working out in Myrtle Beach…but the promises made are by no way being upheld. The food is getting scarce and the bills are not being paid. He didn’t even provide balls for the league. No jerseys, hats, balls, bats that were promised. I think he is scamming all of these players and took thousands from unknowing young guys. If someone can help me find out more please let me know.

  2. redlegs

    Red Eye Baseball (Colin Cummins) is trying to start the league…the same Colin Cummins who tried to be a baseball agent and was swindled by a guy claiming to be a professional player. Cummins obviously neglected to do his due diligence.

  3. I’ll believe it on Opening Day… and closing because of bankruptcy day

  4. William

    Hope it is not another ULB(Bryant and Pierce farce)

  5. Spectator777

    a free website no less. stay classy indy ball.

  6. Jason

    Looks like one giant red flag to me, but perhaps they can utilize the ballparks in Newark, Atlantic City and Sussex County, N.J.

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