Downtown Amarillo Ballpark Development Picks Up Steam

Amarillo Sox LogoContracts needed to kick off the design, engineering and construction of a $113 million development project for downtown Amarillo (TX) that includes a new $30 million ballpark could be completed in the next six weeks, according to two city officials.  Read more here.


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2 responses to “Downtown Amarillo Ballpark Development Picks Up Steam

  1. Dean

    Have you seen the clubhouses in Amarillo? I mean the visiting clubhouse is literally a hole in the ground. It’s time for a new ballpark in Amarillo it’s by far the worst in the American Association and come to think of it is probably the worst in all of independent baseball. Not only will a new ballpark be good for fans but it also help in recruiting players. A good ball club in Amarillo would be well supported.

  2. Dave Kost

    According to the original plans that stadium was supposed to open this year…doesn’t sound like it will ever get done. Don’t need a $30M stadium just dump $3-5M in Potter County Memorial to upgrade it to the necessary current standards expected nowadays in professional baseball. It’s a great venue for watching baseball, Mark Lee has worked magic with that old beauty!

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