It’s the ‘Ottawa Champions’

OttawaThe name for the indy pro Can-Am League expansion team that will take up residence at Ottawa Stadium in Ottawa (ON) next season will be known as the “Ottawa Champions.”  The name was announced at a press conference Monday.  Read more hereWatch news report here.


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9 responses to “It’s the ‘Ottawa Champions’

  1. John

    At least they are not the Rippers lmao.

  2. The Prophet

    I’ve just seen the light! Ottawa is a completely bilingual city, and this name appeals to both anglophones and francophones. The word “champion” is similar to the French word “champignon,” meaning mushroom, and highlights Ottawa’s rich culinary tradition and notoriety as the unofficial mushroom capital of Canada. Genius, eh? I feel like such a dumb American after my previous comment. Never underestimate three Canadians who walk into a bar. Youpi for the Ottawa Champions!

  3. Let’s be honest “Champions” is weak.

  4. I like the name Champions, but when the team is in last place or even loses in the playoffs, the jokes will fly off the shelves. However, it is minor league baseball, so it could be fun. I just hope the team will be able to last in Ottawa for a few years.

    • ballparkbiz

      I hate to take shots at the franchise before it gets off the ground, but they did nothing from a naming standpoint to outshine the “Fat Cats.” I would have liked to have seen some branding creativity, but good luck to the team. Maybe they will surprise us with the logo package and uniforms.


  5. The Prophet

    I’m less than inspired by this reveal. Ottawa is a vibrant city at the intersection of two worlds, and this is what they come up with? “The Champions are in sixth place, nine games out.” I’ve thought about it for three seconds and have already come up with a better name, the “Mounties.” It’s not too late to change the name guys, and I’ll give this one to you for free.

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