Ballpark Traffic and Parking Study Up Next in Winter Park

Brevard County ManateesAs the city of Winter Park (FL) awaits approval from Orange County for plans to build a new minor league baseball stadium where Alfond Stadium at Harper-Shepherd Field is now, the city is launching a study of the traffic patterns leading to the site and what parking issues need to be resolved.  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Ballpark Traffic and Parking Study Up Next in Winter Park

  1. The dr who owns this team is the pitts we the fans could tell he wanted to move the team years ago he has done everthing possible to run the fans off so he would have an excuse to move the team doesnt promote the team or do anything to draw more fans every year attendence goes down this way he has excuse to move team thats ok we can watch the cubbs its really a shame as K smith rally does a good job but with all the new homes built arround this stadium and attendence going down you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out

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