Rock Cats Moving to New $60M Stadium in Hartford

New Britain Rock Cats LogoIn a deal announced Wednesday, the Double-A New Britain Rock Cats (Eastern League) will be moving from New Britain (CT) to a new $60-million ballpark just north of downtown Hartford (CT) in time for the 2016 season.  Read more here.  Some folks in New Britain aren’t too happy.  Read more here.

New Britain Rock Cats New Hartford Stadium Rendering


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2 responses to “Rock Cats Moving to New $60M Stadium in Hartford

  1. Edward Roberts

    My guess is that a summer collegiate league (Futures league) may place a team there. I’m not sure an independent league (Atlantic, Can-am or other start-up) would want to place a team so close to an affiliated team in Hartford.

  2. Mark

    Oh dear, a great baseball city like New Britiain losing it’s team. Surely that park won’t be empty for too long?

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