Man Tries Hand at Crowdfunding to Bring Team to Loeb Stadium

Prospect League LogoAaron Parrish is attempting to raise money via online crowdfunding to bring a summer collegiate Prospect League team he’s called the “Conductors” to Loeb Stadium in Lafayette (IN).  The money would be used for start-up costs and covering the circuit’s $175,000 franchise fee.  Parrish is currently working alone but is open to creating an ownership group.  Read more here.

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One response to “Man Tries Hand at Crowdfunding to Bring Team to Loeb Stadium

  1. The Prophet

    I know several others have explored this possibility. Loeb Stadium is a lovely old place, and Lafayette/West Lafayette should be a great market. I know in the past the Lafayette Parks Department has forbidden beer sales which makes the proposition less attractive. They have a new director now, so I’m not sure if that will change or not. Good luck!

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