NBC World Series Unveils 80th Anniversary Logo

NBC World Series LogoPRESS RELEASE – When an event like the annual late-summer tournament that brings together the best amateur baseball talent in the country celebrates a significant birthday, it needs to have something special that reminds people about the history of the event, but also makes them excited for the future. The National Baseball Congress has partnered with US Logo to develop a special 80th Anniversary logo that they believe does just that.

US Logo, Incorporated, a 24-year old promotional, apparel, signage, and branding company located Wichita partnered with the Wichita Wingnuts and the National Baseball Congress after a successful campaign with the B-52’s professional soccer club. Art Director, James Dean designed the logo with the focus on the 80th Anniversary of the tournament being a landmark in baseball history. “As opposed to a national campaign, I was able to design this from the perspective of a fan that grew up attending baseball games at previous NBC World Series,” Dean explained. “The best art 2014 logo comes from real emotion…and this is something that Wichitans and all baseball fans can be proud of.”

NBC World Series 80th Season LogoThe logo features some new age elements that make it jump off the page towards the viewer, while also incorporating an “old school” feel to help remind people about the past. The centerpiece of the logo is the number “80” which appears in bold red lettering. Below the number are the letters “NBC” which are displayed in white block lettering and outlined in blue. Directly below that, in white lettering on a red banner are the words “World Series. Finally, at the very bottom of the logo, Wichita, Kansas is signified in white letters on a blue background. Above the wording and directly between the eight and zero are three baseball players, a pitcher, catcher, and hitter swinging a bat that have been transposed on top of one another in white and blue.

“We wanted our 80th NBC World Series logo to be classy, have an old school feel, and still offer fresh appeal. We really think James did a great job of bringing it all together,” said NBC Tournament Director Kevin Jenks. “James was patient and attentive to our wishes so we really enjoyed sitting down and working with him on this project, which he knocked out of the park. US Logo came to us with great ideas and their vision has helped make this a great partnership.”

The 2014 NBC World Series will begin on Friday, July 25th and conclude on Saturday, August 9th. This year’s version of the tournament will once again build on the format change that was implemented in 2013. The field for the 80th anniversary will include the National Junior College Athletic Association National Team, the Puerto Rico National Collegiate team, last year’s champion the Seattle Studs, the 2007 champion Wellington Heat, six-time champion Fairbanks, Alaska Goldpanners, and long-time power Prairie Gravel. It is possible that six former World Series champions will take the field.

Tickets for the 80th annual NBC World Series can be ordered by calling the NBC Baseball Box Office at 316-264-6887.

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