Colts to Celebrate 15th Season, Release Logo

San Angelo Colts LogoWe haven’t seen any stories about the indy pro San Angelo Colts (United League) celebrating their 15th season at Foster Field on their website, but we did find the logo attached to an April 27 story announcing the release of the team’s 2014 schedule, without an actual schedule attached.  See logo blurb here from the local paper.  Last we heard, the Colts, Fort Worth Cats, Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, and Mexico Paisanos would make up a four-team United League this season.

San Angelo Colts 15th Season


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8 responses to “Colts to Celebrate 15th Season, Release Logo

  1. Matt

    The united league doesn’t pay people period… they are now making players pay to play…that is only way they can survive…

    They have had chances to increase revenue share on Internet Marketing but instead they don’t pay infinity sports internet bill.
    And they lose their domain names. Mike Babcock was great GM in San Angelo he isn’t going to work with these guys, No one is…

    they don’t pay players, coaches, vendors, they feel they have entitlement of not paying people, i have seen it for 5 years.

    It isn’t going to work, 3 teams with a travel team.

  2. Been Around

    I’d think it’d be hard to get a good GM in there if the guy knows going in who he’s working for and that he’s not going to get paid.

  3. Rob

    If you knew how the current GM was running things, you wouldn’t be surprised by how lackluster the webpage has been. The organization has really gone downhill since they lost their media guy and real GM last year, both named Dave. The WhiteWings released their schedule over a month before the Colts posted the link with no article. It’s pathetic how bad things are running this year….all thanks to the new GM Heath.

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