Ballpark Visit ALERT: Price Cutter Park (Ozark, MO)

Digital Ballparks LogoSpringfield-Ozark Mountain Ducks CharacterEric and Wendy Pastore from visit Price Cutter Park, the former home of the indy pro Springfield/Ozark Mountain Ducks (Texas-Louisiana League/Central League/Frontier League).  Read more and view photo gallery here.


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7 responses to “Ballpark Visit ALERT: Price Cutter Park (Ozark, MO)

  1. Rosanne Vavasis

    In fact, Been Around, The Heartland of America is falling apart as we suspected. In fact, it’s a pretty dead issue, in fact! LOL! I just found all this out. I usually don’t say “in fact” quite often…just feeling nervous and let down for all these ball players and coaches that believed in the league.

    • Been Around

      Yup, I get that. Players want to play and they get what they can get to do so, it’s a shame when they get snared in by people who have no idea what they’re doing.

      • Rosanne Vavasis

        Agreed…it’s too bad. So many coaches gave up their livelihoods and so many players let down. Time and $$ wasted. Time to move on and look into our next opportunity! It’s a shame but the fight to be in power ruined this venture.

  2. Rosanne Vavasis

    I believe, in fact, The Heartland of America Organization did in fact purchase the Price Cutter Field as of yesterday.

    • Been Around

      Rosanne, do you in fact have any facts to in fact back that up? Doesn’t seem to have been in fact reported anywhere else, in fact.

      • Rosanne Vavasis

        No, I don’t have any facts…I guess it was wishful thinking. That was what I was personally told by one of the officials. I just hope all these boys get a chance to play, somehow. I also wish someone would just tell us the facts but you know what? I still believe something will shake. No facts as of now, just what I was told.

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