Pittsburg (CA) Team on Deck Monday Night

Pacific Association LogoThe Pittsburg (CA) City Council will consider a resolution on Monday, April 7, to approve a lease agreement with Backwards K Group LLC and allocate funds for improvements to a field at City Park to serve as the home for the proposed indy pro “Pittsburg Mettle” (Pacific Association).  Read more and view ballpark photos hereView resolution hereView Pittsburg Mettle job announcement here.


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2 responses to “Pittsburg (CA) Team on Deck Monday Night

  1. 85bears

    How is this considered independent ball? These are all city park fields… Used for men’s leagues… These are not stadiums. The pacific association is a joke. And so is San Rafael for creating the sonoma team to be it’s “rival” they have the same owner!

  2. Thomas

    It’s early April and the Pacific Association is still tying to figure out who will makeup the 2014 season? What has this league been up to since their 2013 season ended in late August. The only viable and legit team is the San Rafael Pacifics. One thing the Pacific Association needs to be careful of is burning markets like all of the other failed independent leagues have done on the west coast. Nonetheless I wish them luck but every season it seems like they’re scrambling to fill out a list of teams one or two months before the season.

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