Second-Year Admirals Tussle with Local Babe Ruth Over Use of Wilson Park

Vallejo Admirals A LogoThe second-year indy pro Vallejo Admirals (Pacific Association) announced recently that they plan to return this season, but the club has still not renewed their lease to use Wilson Park.  Local Babe Ruth is not too hip on sharing the facility again, but the parties are reportedly talking.  Read more here.


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3 responses to “Second-Year Admirals Tussle with Local Babe Ruth Over Use of Wilson Park

  1. No Surprise

    Just another fly by the seat of your pants independent baseball league. Interesting to read that Maui and Hawaii are both out for 2014 but why keep throwing good money after bad. Mike Marshall has left as commissioner after one year, which is a sign things can’t be good when a knowledgeable independent baseball man flies the coupe. The only legit team is San Rafael and I don’t know how legit they are. When you run things on the bare minimum sooner or later things will come to a crashing halt.

  2. 85bears

    Battling with a kids team for a park? Doesn’t sound like professional baseball…

  3. AZdev

    At least we got some information. Maui, Hawaii and Lumberjacks out. New Martinez club in. Now if Sonoma and Vallejo can only sign a lease, there will be a nice 4 team Bay Area circuit.

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