Ballpark Proposed for Suburban Milwaukee

The Rock Sports Complex LogoMike Zimmerman, owner of The Rock sports complex in the Franklin suburb of Milwaukee (WI), is seeking city permission to develop a $7-$11 million baseball stadium at the complex for an affiliated, indy pro Frontier League or summer collegiate club.  The park would have 2,500 to 3,000 seats and use around 20 to 30 acres.  Read more here.

The Rock Sports Complex Proposed Ballpark


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5 responses to “Ballpark Proposed for Suburban Milwaukee

  1. Kelly R.

    If they build it, perhaps they can entice the Snappers to make the move.

  2. Styth

    The picture in the story from the Journal Sentinel looks exactly like the ballpark that was proposed for Green Bay.

    • ballparkbiz

      I noticed that too. My assumption is that the owner of The Rock provided the Green Bay rendering as an example of the type of park he is looking to build, but the paper failed to identify it as such.


  3. Styth

    Where is Wilwaukee? Pretty good one Alan.

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