Canadians Revitalize Branding

Vancouver Canadians LogoPRESS RELEASE – Eyebrows raised and heads nodded as the Vancouver Canadians unveiled a new branding effort heading into the 2014 Northwest League season on Friday at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver as part of the 4th Annual Scotiabank Hot Stove Luncheon featuring the Toronto Blue Jays.

Vancouver Canadians New Branding

The Canadians primary logo had slight changes to it with a sharper, more definitive looks while fans were quick to point out the addition of a subtle maple leaf that replaced the apostrophe with the “C’s” mark.

As well, fans gravitated to a new chartacter revealed on three of the four team jerseys that was described by Canadians owner Jake Kerr as a ‘historical tribute’ to baseball in Vancouver.

Vancouver Canadians New Unis

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“Baseball goes back more than a century here in Vancouver and we understand our responsibility to preserve the integrity of the game. Our fans have always had an affection with the teams that have come before us like the Capilanos and Mounties and we thought it would be nice to show our respect to those who paved the way for our current success both on and off the field.”

The Canadians revealed that in the coming weeks they will host an on-line contest for fans to name the newest ballpark character in advance of the 2014 season.

In total, four rejuvenated uniforms were unvealed with a home white being accompanied by a slick black alternate jersey and a road grey uniform that kept the city name of ‘Vancouver’ across the front despite the font colour changing from the previous black to a more distinct ‘Canadian’ red.

Speaking of red, the C’s debuted a bright red jersey top that will be worn by the home team during all home, day games. Already known as the ‘Nooner jersey, fans will have little trouble locating our Canadians as they take to the field in a red jersey that is matched with a ‘Maple Leaf’ styled hat that has a white face with a bright red maple leaf in the middle.

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