Columnist Makes A-Rod Pitch for Forth Worth Cats

Forth Worth Cats LogoWe have to wonder if Forth Worth Star-Telegram blogger/columnist Mac Engel has a bit of a man-crush on embattled New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, as the seemingly giddy-at-the-thought-of-it writer believes the indy pro Fort Worth Cats (United League) “need” to sign “our favorite son.”  Read more here.


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4 responses to “Columnist Makes A-Rod Pitch for Forth Worth Cats

  1. in the know

    We seem to be forgetting that Independent Baseball was founded on the principals of being a bit ant-establishment. It was certainly safe haven for Daryl Strawberry in the mid 90’s and that did a lot to draw attention to that then fledging part of the baseball industry. Ruffling a few feathers was not the concern.

    • Styth

      I don’t have a problem with independent baseball. I worked in independent baseball. The issue here is that the player is still under contract with the current team. Strawberry wasn’t under contract with anyone when he signed with the Saints. Then after the numbers he put up there the Yankees signed him.

  2. Styth

    Ugh. Just because a guy gets suspended doesn’t mean he can just go play somewhere else. Guys get suspended every year for banned substances but they don’t then go play independent ball.

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