Ducks Have Interest in A-Rod, Patriots Say No Thanks

Long Island Ducks LogoYou knew it was coming, but shortly after a MLB arbitrator suspended Alex Rodriguez for 162 Games for his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, the Long Island Ducks (Atlantic League) opened the door for the embattled Yankees third baseman to play for the indy pro franchise during the 2014 season.  Read more here.  Meanwhile, the league’s Somerset Patriots rejected the idea in the statement below by team chairman Steve Kalafer:

Somerset Patriots“In response to media inquiries regarding whether the Somerset Patriots have any interest in signing Alex Rodriguez if he became available this season, my answer is unequivocally no.

The Somerset Patriots honor the decisions and suspensions in our working relationship with Major League Baseball. We would expect all other teams within the Atlantic League to operate the same as allowing a suspended player to continue playing and representing any of our teams would be a hurtful precedent.”


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5 responses to “Ducks Have Interest in A-Rod, Patriots Say No Thanks

  1. I just hope that all teams in the Atlantic league does not sign him
    It’s irritating enough what happened in MLB, the Atlantic League doesn’t need the headache as well.
    Things are going fine with the Long Island Ducks without A-Roid.

  2. Styth

    He is under contract though. And they offered it on Saturday right after the announcement. It will never happen.

  3. Styth

    These type of offers and statements are so old and played out.

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