For One Night Only: The Schaumburg Zombies

Schaumburg Zombies LogoPRESS RELEASE – Baseball isn’t just for the living anymore; at least, we hope it’s not. The Schaumburg Boomers are planning the first-ever crowd-funded minor league baseball entertainment event when we host the Schaumburg Zombies and the Field of Screams on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 6 p.m.

Funded entirely through a Kickstarter Campaign, for one night only the Boomers will change their name to the Schaumburg Zombies, complete with a new logo and uniforms, professional makeup artists, and undead performers.


You can see the complete Kickstarter page and promotional video here, but the gist of it is this: for one night only, the Boomers will transform into the Schaumburg Zombies with a complete undead takeover of our logo and uniforms, and the entire ballpark will be infected. Professional makeup artists will be on hand to make you part of the zombie-style fun, take photographs with our trained zombies (don’t worry, they won’t bite—we think) and learn how to survive a zombie apocalypse from our zombie experts.

Schaumburg Zombies Unis“If you love zombies and plan on being a part of this event, we need you to step up the plate and contribute to this unprecedented Kickstarter campaign very soon,” said (Boomers) Zombies President/GM Andy Viano. “Your promise to be a part of the Field of Screams through a Kickstarter contribution is essential, as your commitment is what gives us the ability to bring all of this to life. Without it, the Schaumburg Zombies will never get a chance to rise from the earth.”

This is no ordinary minor league baseball promotion, and that is where the community backing comes into play. For helping us fund this big idea, we’ll make you part of the experience! Help us out with just $10, and you’ll get your ticket to the game while supporting the cause. $25 will get you a ticket and your very own “I Survived the Schaumburg Zombies” t-shirt. Larger contributions can get you a game-used Schaumburg Zombies jersey, or even the chance to get professionally “zombified” and become part of the infestation.

“We promise that if you make this event happen, we’ll deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience – something you’ll truly never forget – and we will be here at Boomers Stadium, waiting with permanently bated breath, yearning for your delicious brains to walk through those gates,” Viano continued.

As of January 8, $1,150 has been pledged to fund the Field of Screams. If you plan on seeing the Schaumburg Zombies in action, get your ticket now through Kickstarter with your $10 pledge! If just 385 people buy one ticket, this night will happen. But without it…the Zombies don’t stand a chance.

To help bring the Schaumburg Zombies and the Field of Screams to life (or undeath), make a contribution on our Kickstarter page today! We don’t have a lot of time either—the campaign expires on Sunday, January 26.

To purchase multiple tickets, simply pledge the corresponding amount on Kickstarter and indicate that you wish to receive the $10 ticket reward. Remember, if you plan on attending this game, make sure to purchase your tickets through Kickstarter to help fund the project.

Don’t miss out on the only source for Championship Baseball in the Chicagoland area, complete with the most affordable prices and free parking! Schaumburg Boomers Baseball is THE ultimate summer family destination. Season Tickets, Ticket Bundles, and Group Outings are on sale now. For more information, log on to or give us a call at 847.461.3695 today!

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  1. Jon Snyder

    Does this team play for the new Northern League.

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