Newark Bears to Play Outside Can-Am League in 2014?

Newark Bears LogoOn Wednesday, the indy pro Can-Am League announced the Newark Bears would not be returning next season, but co-owner Danielle Dronet said Friday the struggling franchise will take the field for the 2014 season.  According to, Dronet said the following:

“We have a couple of opportunities that we are evaluating and exploring,” said Dronet, who co-owns the baseball team with her partner, Douglas Spiel.  Asked to confirm if the team would play she said, “I’m pretty positive that yes, in some capacity, yes.”

Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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3 responses to “Newark Bears to Play Outside Can-Am League in 2014?

  1. Johnny regan

    The Newark bears situation is about the situation at skylands park. The acbl did add a team in south jersey.also, to wait and see which direction Atlantic city his headed into. Johnny regan historian of skylands park.

  2. Mark

    I was going to say maybe a Summer Collegiate league might be an idea, but their ballpark is too big for that level.

    • ballparkbiz


      That didn’t stop the Brockton Rox from going summer collegiate. Campanelli has a 4,750 capacity. Riverfront has a 6,200 capacity. And, the Bears have been playing in front of any empty park anyway, so does it really matter? That said, if they wanted to go down this route, what league would have them? The Futures League is really out of the footprint. The best fit would be the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League (, but beyond a nice website and one of my favorite league logos, the teams really don’t fit the minor league-like mold and only play 22 home dates.

      Now, if I am a league entertaining the Bears, I would want a commitment that “we” are not just a parking spot while the team explores future options. You really want teams who are committed to your league.

      The owners could look to play some kind of independent home-only schedule like the summer collegiate Marysville (CA) Gold Sox and invite teams to play them at a “professional park,” but my prediction (based on nothing more than hunch) is that they will host some kind of player development summer series of games like the four-team New York State League ( tried and failed to do at Utica’s Donavan Stadium in 2007. We’ll see.


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