It’s the ‘Kenosha Kingfish’

Kenosha Kingfish LogoPRESS RELEASE – A new era of baseball will begin at a renovated Simmons Field on May 31, 2013. The ownership of the franchise announced the name of the team, unveiled the logo and gave fans a first look at the new Simmons Field. A public-private partnership between the City of Kenosha and the Kingfish has resulted in more than $1 million in improvements to historic Simmons Field making it one of the premiere baseball facilities in the state of Wisconsin. Nearly 90 percent of the renovations are complete with the rest slated to be finished by opening day in May of 2014.

Kenosha King Fish All Hail the Fish

“We wanted an identity that would be unique to Kenosha,” General Manager Jake McGhee said. “This is Kenosha’s team and we are proud to present to the people of Kenosha, their team, the Kenosha Kingfish.”

“In our focus groups and in feedback from the community, the most commonly mentioned image of Kenosha was Lake Michigan,” McGhee said. “We wanted a name that would connect with the lake, but also give us a great deal of flexibility to have fun at Simmons Field. The Kingfish mark ties in with both royal and nautical themes and will allow for several fun elements at the ballpark.”

The Kingfish logo was unveiled with Elvis Presley’s “A Little Less Conversation” playing in the background tying the team with the Rock N’ Roll legend affectionately known as “The King.” The logo was designed by Shine United. The logo prominently features the team color scheme of Lake Michigan Blue, Vintage Cream, King’s Gold and Cardinals Red that is also prominently displayed throughout the stadium.

Following the logo unveil the Kingfish opened their indoor team store at Simmons Field featuring a full compliment of apparel for the holiday season. The store is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm at 7817 Sheridan Road in Kenosha.

Several hundred people came out to enjoy complementary ballpark food, chili and hot chocolate. The Kingfish also introduced Field Manager Duffy Dyer to the public. The Kenosha Baseball Launch Party also featured an appearance from the Human Cannonball, David “the Bullet” Smith. The Bullet launched himself out of his cannon approximately 160 feet in the air over the new Kingfish logo landing in a net suspended over home plate. Prior to the festivities, City of Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Simmons Field to Kingfish manager Duffy Dyer. McGee and the Fibbers, an Ed Doody Band, performed the National Anthem.

All-you-can-eat 7-game packs and season tickets are on sale now. For more information please logo onto or call 262.653.0900.


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2 responses to “It’s the ‘Kenosha Kingfish’

  1. AlMaFI

    I’m impressed with how the club took what initially seemed like a terrible idea for a brand, and transformed it into a nice identity. Slick logo and colors! Great to hear about the Simmons Field renovations.

    The alliteration of Kenosha and Kingfish works well. It’s heartening to see that they have dropped the “camel-case” nickname that was proposed earlier: KingFish, with the capital F being the camel’s hump, so to speak.

    The team should stay away from the corny Elvis references though. To kids growing up now, Elvis is a figure of the distant, distant past, like how Charlie Chaplin was to many middle-agers nowadays.

    Move over Mallards, Bullfrogs, Chinooks, and all the other aquatic-themed Northwoods League teams. There’s a new Kingfish in town!

  2. Thank you to all in bringing College Baseball Talent to Kenosha WI and Simmons Field. To see the efforts and improvements to the Kingfish’s Park gets me all fired to bring my family and friends into town to watch Duffy Dyer lead a quality team back to our area for some great entertainment.
    The City of Kenosha and the Entire Staff and owners of the Kingfish have a lot to be proud of. Hooray for baseball and Hats off to Everyone that Made it Possible- Thank You !! Tom Simons-Amer. Legion #310 Mudcats- GM
    Racine Baseball & Racine Baseball Co-Op

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