Historic Duncan Park Stadium Gets Some Renovation TLC

Spartansburg Stingers LogoSpartanburg (SC) School District 7 is replacing the exterior wall at Duncan Park stadium — the first of several renovation projects planned for the historic stadium.  The ballpark was the former home for the Spartanburg Phillies (South Atlantic League) and summer collegiate Spartanburg Stingers (Coastal Plain League).  Read more hereVisit Friends of Duncan Park here.


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8 responses to “Historic Duncan Park Stadium Gets Some Renovation TLC

  1. The Prophet

    Alan, not really pertaining to this story, but would it be too much for you to put a location label on each story? This notice is great because it starts with the location. I read all of the notices, and many times I have to ask myself where in the world they could be coming from. Just a request. Thanks.

    • ballparkbiz


      Can you be more specific? I try to use a city and state like here and sometimes a link to Google maps for at least the more obscure locations or when a building site or expansion market is part of the story. I can certainly tag the location, but that won’t provide a link to a map. Please let me know what you are thinking. Thanks.


      • The Prophet

        Just a city, state location tag for stories that aren’t completely obvious, similar to the AP and other news service prompts at the top of each article. If the story is about a stadium or a team it would be helpful to know immediately where they’re located instead of having to search on the stadium or team name. If we (as readers) want maps or more detailed information we can get that on our own, but just the city, state at the front of each notice would be appreciated, at least by me.

  2. Jason

    Time will tell whether or not the league will return to Spartanburg, my Spidey senses tell me that it is a no brainer, but perhaps by 2015 we may see a brand new franchise.

  3. Frick

    Jason if I was a rich man i would put franchises in both locations. I was thinking with the Blowfish about to be without a stadium Spartanburg could be a great place to relocate to

  4. Jason

    I was there in early August and had a chance to sneak into the stadium to check out the ballpark. It would be perfect for the CPL franchise when renovations have been made. I wish the old lady best of luck. Now, somebody head down to Mirmow Field in Orangeburg and make it CPL ready.

  5. Frick

    Just was there a few weeks back, the improvements they have already done look great. There is no reason a Coastal Plains League Team shouldn’t be successful in a gem of a park like this

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