Braves Leaving Turner Field for New Digs in Cobb County

Atlanta Braves LogoThe Atlanta Braves announced on Monday that they are planning to build a state-of-the-art ballpark that will open in Cobb County, about 14 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, in time for the start of the 2017 season.  The proposed stadium will be located on the northwest corner of the I-75 and I-285 intersection.  Read more and watch announcement hereVisit


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3 responses to “Braves Leaving Turner Field for New Digs in Cobb County

  1. Jason

    Wow! The first team of the recent era of baseball stadiums to relocate since 1992 (After Camden). I know that the facility was not built as a baseball stadium, since it was renovated from an Olympic venue; however, with it being only 16-years-old, Turner Field will have a very short life span as a major league ballpark.

  2. Edward Roberts

    Living in north Fulton I have to admit to being a baseball fan who avoids Turner Field because of the best case 3 hour round trip to see a game there. Well that plus I’m not a Braves fan. So I do understand the teams complaint about access. However the new location doesn’t offer much improvement as far as access is concerned. If you live in Cobb county or anywhere north of Cobb then yes it’s an improvement. If you live in Atlanta, north Fulton or just about anywhere else in the Atlanta area it’s at best a wash and probably worse. Also there are at this time no viable public transit options.

    Ultimately these decisions are about money. The Braves will benefit from parking revenue, naming rights, development of the surrounding area, etc. but the bulk of fans will not benefit and end up paying more to attend games.

    Actually the best location for a new ballpark would have been where the new dome is being built. The area is already a 365 day destination with Phillips Arena, CNN, Olympic park, Georgia Congress center, etc in the area. Unfortunately it wasn’t available and beyond that location the pickings are pretty thin.

  3. Frick

    It says on the website that it will be used for 365 days a year. Does that mean a retractable roof stadium?

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