Does the ‘Baseball Rule’ Apply to Hot Dogs?

Kansas City Royals LogoThe Missouri Supreme Court is weighing whether the “baseball rule” — a legal standard that protects teams from being sued over fan injuries caused by events on the field, court or rink — should also apply to injuries caused by mascots or the other personnel.  The case stems from a fan who was injured when he was hit in the eye by a foiled-wrapped hot dog thrown by the Kansas City Royals’ mascot.  Read more here.

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One response to “Does the ‘Baseball Rule’ Apply to Hot Dogs?

  1. The Prophet

    I’m having a hard time understanding why the Royals allowed this to go to court. Coomer’s medical expenses were less than $5,000. Write the guy a check and give him season tickets for a year. Regarding the legal case I side with Coomer as well. Fans need to pay attention to the game (balls, bats, etc), but items thrown by non-player employees should not be included here. What if a fan was paying attention to the game when struck in the eye by a hot dog. Watching for bats and balls is enough; fans can’t be expected to watch everything. The Royals are ending up with the black eye in this one.

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