Signage Test Run at Wrigley Field Fails with Rooftop Owners

Chicago Cubs LogoThe Chicago Cubs on Wednesday briefly raised a mock-up of a 650-square-foot script sign at Wrigley Field as a test run to allay fears of nearby rooftop club owners who don’t want to see their lucrative views of the playing surface blocked by signage.  The rooftop owners were not satisfied.  Read more hereView photos here.

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One response to “Signage Test Run at Wrigley Field Fails with Rooftop Owners

  1. The Prophet

    The Cubs’ official who negotiated with the rooftop owners in the first place was an idiot. If fans want to watch ball games, buy a ticket and walk through the gate (of the actual stadium). Either that or stay home and watch the game on TV. The notion of collecting money to have people peer into another venue was stupid to begin with and should be abolished as soon as possible. I realize there’s a contract in place, but that’s what attorneys are for…buy it out.

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