Pecos League Targeting Bisbee and Safford

Pecos League LogoPecos League commissioner Andrew Dunn is not satisfied with just eight teams in his indy pro (well, sort of) circuit.  He would like to see two expansion teams in Arizona — the Bisbee Blue and Safford Cottonmouths — to take the field as early as 2014.  He plans to make his pitch to use historic Warren Ballpark in Bisbee on Nov. 13.  Read more here.


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8 responses to “Pecos League Targeting Bisbee and Safford

  1. Indy V

    It isn’t pro. Not all of the players are paid.

    • ballparkbiz

      They call themselves independent professional, so we will entertain them, even if it’s silly.


      • Barry

        If some pay to play, we’re still enjoying a quality of baseball otherwise unavailable to these very small communities. The worst of those donning a Pecos League uniform these past several years play better than me and most in the stands.

        Allow us, please, those out there willing to take pot-shots at the League our time in the stands enjoying the game in a fan friendly atmosphere. Maybe it isn’t like going to a pro affiliated or high Indy level game with up to the day stats and thick programs full of glossy ads. Skip the trappings and give me a good, old fashioned ball game and plenty of enthusiasm in the stands, such as down there in Alpine, TX.

        What’s the alternative — watching college kids in the collegiate summer leagues? I suppose we could live in communities with competitive Legion or MUNY teams — but we’re where we are and thankful for what we have at the moment. If the league folds tomorrow, we’ve enjoyed the time in ways my words couldn’t adequately describe.

        I think I understand the economics of the minors, such as that of the Central League of Hockey where many teams have transitioned into Tier 2 Junior A. But what are they doing? Charging the same to get into a game, but relying on getting by with a much less expensive payroll? Give me pro hockey, even at the minor league level and the same with baseball.

  2. Indy V

    Don’t pro teams pay players?

  3. Steve

    Can’t wait to see the logos for these ones. If they are anything like the other Pecos teams…well…

  4. Just Some Internet Guy You Dont Know

    Are any of the communities they have big enough?

  5. Dave

    Is a community of less than 7000 really big enough to support a team?

    • Barry

      Admittedly, it is a struggle; witness Alpine ; which operates as “not for profit”, in a city with a solid baseball tradition. The population is just short of 6,000 and perhaps a couple thousand more in about 10 miles in all directions of the city limits. Like many teams in the Pecos League, they operate with a lot of volunteer effort and feel a team can break even with attendance at about 250-350 or so per game. Beer sales become an important part of making the budget. Yes, salaries are at the starting/low end of the pro scale, but the league doesn’t bill itself as more than what it is — entry level pro independent. Host families became key, too, and long-term relationships continue long after the player moves on to a higher level of pro ball or retires.

      There’s little enough pretention, but the games are competitive in a hitters/high altitude stadium sort of way. It is family friendly and affordable and a heck of a lot of fun going to a game, particularly when the fans are into it as they are in Alpine, making a lot of noise, that is for sure. That they have a great venue in Kokernot Field and the mountains in the background make watching a game a great night out.

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