Loeb Stadium Upgrades to Begin Next Spring

Lafayette LeopardsThe city of Lafayette (IN) will begin the first phase of upgrading 73-year-old Loeb Stadium with a $200,000 spend on locker rooms in early 2014, while the master plan for ballpark improvements is being developed.  Loeb was home of the defunct indy pro Lafayette Leopards ( Heartland/Mid America/Great Central Leagues) from 1994-1998.  Read more and view rendering here.


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19 responses to “Loeb Stadium Upgrades to Begin Next Spring

  1. so terre haute is up for sale wouldnt have to do with spending a boatload of $$$ on a pk now would it ?

    • The Prophet

      I don’t think so. The Rex are owned by the Indiana State University Foundation and they use the Indiana State University stadium. They’ve made a few improvements at the stadium, but certainly nothing like a multi-million dollar building project. I think they’ve had a very easy stadium deal actually.

  2. while it may cost the pl $$$ to run a team what will it cost them not to when youre at imo an unworkable number of clubs

    • The Prophet

      Chuck, I think what we’re seeing here in divide in the Prospect League between the Eastern and Western Divisions. Given that there’s been no inter-divisional play since 2011, the odd number of teams in the league affects only the Western Division. The Eastern owners have the majority of votes and can control the league now, and it doesn’t appear they care about the problems the Western owners are having. As I said before, this is not a sustainable situation.

      • well then this isnt any different (save post season play) than when the glscl n the cicl played an all star game . so a mutual separation of the divisions may be forthcoming along with what is the future of quincy and lorain county who like slippery rock dosent draw that great either

      • The Prophet

        Chuck, I don’t know if you saw that Terre Haute is for sale as well. According to the news reports they claim they would need to draw twice as many fans per game to make it worth their while.

        Lorain County has never drawn well. I don’t know who in that organization is paying the bills, but they are probably losing over $100,000 per year. They seem happy enough playing to continue to play.

      • Indy V

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of the teams that have left the PL have been from the west. Does that suggest a potential wholesale departure of the old CICL teams?

      • The Prophet

        I don’t think there’s any kind of “movement” afoot. The Western Division teams are in a really difficult spot. What are the options? 1) Try to sell like Quincy and Terre Haute. Not much of a market unless the new owner wants to buy a distressed asset and move it to a new location similar to the Slippery Rock/Champion City deal. 2) Simply stop playing and walk away with a bunch of debt or a bankruptcy. 3) Find or form a new league to play in. I suppose you can have a five-team league, but it doesn’t seem like a great plan unless there are new expansion teams ready to join in the first year or two. Do you form a Northern Division of the Ohio Valley League? Maybe. Could you join the Northwoods League? I don’t think that would work.

        I wouldn’t want to be the owner of a Western Division team in the Prospect League right now. It’s not a fun proposition anymore.

      • Indy V

        These leagues seem to be a dime a dozen – Great Lakes, Midwest Collegiate, Ohio Valley all seem to be lateral moves. I agree that it may not be ideal for the Northwoods, but I would suggest it is because of draw more than geographic footprint.

  3. The Prophet

    Purdue University just built a beautiful new stadium in West Lafayette, and Kokomo is planning a new stadium downtown (about an hour from Lafayette). There are plans for a “championship stadium” in Westfield, IN as well. Too bad the Prospect League is so dysfunctional. There’s some opportunity here for someone.

    • the pl and these indiana markets imo are similar

    • Indy V

      What’s the deal with that league anyway?

      • The Prophet

        Just speculation here, but I think the Prospect League has a huge geographical footprint, and there are a number of teams that are struggling with travel expenses and league overhead costs. When the western division went to five teams in 2013 that really hurt them too because that meant that one team needed to be idle every day of the season. They had to play a lot of double headers which limited their number of openings, and they had to play mostly one-game “series” which added to their travel expenses. Two of the western division franchises (Quincy and Terre Haute) have expressed a desire to get out, and the other three have to be looking for a plan B. It’s not sustainable the way it is now.

      • Indy V

        They lose a team or two each year, right?

      • the pl imo wants steak for hambuger $$$ it also really needs to expand since it has an odd # of teams and they may have to do so w/o an owner

      • Indy V

        Chuck, that’s the problem with the business plan of a lot of teams. Results require sufficient investment. Far too many owners lack the ability and/or the willingness to do that.

      • The Prophet

        Chuck, I don’t think there’s any chance they will run a team without a new owner coming in. They did this when Nashville folded in 2011, and it ended up costing the league over $100,000 to run the team for the season. I don’t think they have the resources or the desire to do something like that again.

  4. The Prophet

    Lafayette and Loeb Stadium would be an ideal home for a summer collegiate team. Do you think Lafayette is too far south to fit into any future expansion plans for the Northwoods League?

    • ballparkbiz

      Not at all. The NWL is already in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, MI. Kalamazoo is only 3 hours away from Lafayette, and the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek teams must travel through Gary (assuming they don’t take a ferry) to get to the other teams in the league. Gary is only 1.5 hours from Lafayette.


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