Aggies’ Blue Bell Park Getting New Video Board

Texas A&M LogoPRESS RELEASE – Texas A&M’s Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park will have a new scoreboard featuring a state-of-the-art Daktronics video board erected prior to the 2014 season, the athletics department announced on Monday.

“We are excited about the newest addition to our facilities,” Aggie Baseball head coach Rob Childress said. “It will enhance the game day experience for the 12th Man and continue to make Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park one of the best facilities in college baseball. The new video board will provide quite an impression in the recruiting process.”

Texas A&M New Video Board

The video board, which will measure 1,358 square feet, will be erected near the location of the existing scoreboard in leftfield. The video board, measuring 27.6 feet by 49.2 feet, boasts a 15mm video display featuring a resolution of 552 by 984. According to Daktronics, the video board will be the largest in the SEC and one of the five largest video boards in college baseball.

“I have been to many collegiate baseball stadiums around the country, and Blue Bell Park was already one of the best,” said Texas A&M Director of Athletics Eric Hyman, who also serves on the NCAA Division I Baseball Committee. “The addition of this new video board will reset all of the college baseball facilities nationwide, while also enhancing the already tremendous baseball environment that we have here at Texas A&M.”

“Being a part of the Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park video board upgrade is a great opportunity for Daktronics,” said Dan Fjeldheim with Daktronics. “We thank Texas A&M and the 12th Man Foundation for their commitment to us and look forward to giving Aggie baseball fans an outstanding in game experience for years to come.”

With no permanent advertising as part of the display, Texas A&M’s 12th Man Productions will have access to the whole video board for introduction videos and in-game replays. During game action, the display will include a scoreboard, pitch clock, statistics and lineup features.

“Aggie Baseball has always been one of the best fan experiences in the country,” Director of 12th Man Productions Andy Richardson said. “The new video board will enhance that tradition with the newest electronic technology. Fans will love the larger screen size as well as the integration of graphics, game information and replays.”

The overall structure will measure 59 feet 6 inches wide by 43 feet-11 inches tall. The structure will also include an illuminated analog clock and backlit “AGGIE BASEBALL” with two brick pillars installed on each side of the display. The pillars will be topped by limestone cap rocks, matching the existing architectural elements of the stadium.

The project, which will be completed in time for the 2014 season, is being expedited because the expansion of the Student Recreation Center will not allow for the transportation and parking of the current mobile video board.

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