Group Buying Skylands Park, Baseball Possible in 2015 (UPDATED)

Sussex Skyhawks LogoAl Dorso Sr., president of the State Fair Meadowlands, said Wednesday that he is heading up a team of six investors purchasing vacant Skylands Park baseball stadium in Augusta (NJ).  One of the investors is Nick Corrado, owner of a shopping mall and cousin of the late actor James Gandolfini.  Dorso hopes to attract a minor league baseball team by the 2015 season.  Read more here.  UPDATE:  Stadium sold for $850,000.  Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the links.


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4 responses to “Group Buying Skylands Park, Baseball Possible in 2015 (UPDATED)

  1. Daniel Cioffi

    It was always a pleasure to go toskylands park to watch baseball an not take out a loan to see baseball. It was great to go as a family with the grandkids. Hey piasan u know as an italian that familia is molto importante.Bring baseball back to skyhawks stadium a s a p let the working man enjoy taking the family out an not costing him a half a weeks pay

  2. Mark

    Aren’t Batavia the favourites to move to Morgantown?

  3. Quick, Mr. Durso! Buy the Batavia Muckdogs (or the Auburn Doubledays). That way you’ll know that minor league ball will be in the ballpark on time.

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