Biloxi Ballpark Plan Approved!

Southern League LogoThe Biloxi (MS) City Council on Tuesday voted 5-2 to approve a ballpark financing package that will bring a yet-to-be-named Double-A Southern League team to downtown.  Read more here.  One writer speculates about the franchise relocating to Biloxi.  The Huntsville Stars top the list.  Read more here.

Biloxi Ballpark Rendering


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2 responses to “Biloxi Ballpark Plan Approved!

  1. imo moving mobile is the least likey scenario as for jackson or hunstville is see both of them in the american association soon as N.O. may not be in the pcl much longer

  2. AZdev

    I actually don’t like when I see some of these stadium approvals. It just means that some other city is going to be losing their team. That’s not good news to me in the least.

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