Ballpark Heaven Setback Raises Questions About Northern League Franchise

Northern League LogoField of Dreams Movie Site PlateA funding shortfall and litigation have forced the developers of the All-Star Ballpark Heaven project at the Field of Dreams Movie Site in Dyersville (IA) to delay its opening beyond 2014, which brings into question the planned launch of a franchise there from the revived indy pro Northern League.  Read more here.

ASBH Rendering


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12 responses to “Ballpark Heaven Setback Raises Questions About Northern League Franchise

  1. Jim Rizzolo

    NJSFU Association Umpire ready to come …
    What’s the latest status???

  2. Dean D

    Any snooze on the Northern League?

    Does the NL still sit at two teams, with no ballparks, and one ownership group?

    • ballparkbiz

      Nothing new we have found, other than this photo of the commissioner at the Field of Dreams movie site posted on Oct. 27 on Facebook:


      • Dean D

        It’s never good news when things go quite especially this time of the year when you would think if a new franchise was going to be established NOW would be the time. From the get go I figured finding six or eight new franchises was going to be a monumental task. When you look at the four established independent leagues not ONE of them will see expansion this season. The American Association actually lost a franchise in El Paso to the PCL. The individuals heading the NL seem eager about independent baseball so why not invest in a franchise in one of the four established independent leagues. Gain experience in running a franchise and go from there. You have to start somewhere don’t you?

      • ballparkbiz

        I agree. It’s exactly what I have recommended in the past. My guess is that nobody with the NL wants to put up the $1 million franchise fee to launch a new team in an existing league. By starting your own league, you avoid the franchise fee and maybe even collect a franchise fee or two (albeit, a lot lower than $1M) if you can convince a potential team investor that your circuit is legit.


  3. Spectator777

    @kevinlucknow – wish there was a like button

  4. I do believe most did not expect this league to start this year nor anytime later.

    • I am done staying quite Michael, clearly you didn’t receive my messages, expect to be hearing from my attorneys.

      • Kevin Luckow

        Hearing from your attorneys for what? Posing a legitimate question that anyone with any experience watching Indy leagues come and go would be foolish not to raise. You can either play the “I’m going to sue you game” or be a man and prove your naysayers wrong.

  5. clubs MAY be looking at a rd show nine and plan b’s for a pk

  6. Do you think a league with 2 teams and 0 ballparks for 2014 may have to delay its launch ?

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