Failure to Find Early Buyers for Bonds Will Jack Up Price of New El Paso Ballpark

Pacific Coast LeagueThe city of El Paso (TX) will reportedly have to spend an extra $17 million on bonds to finance its new downtown ballpark for the relocating Triple-A Tucson Padres (Pacific Coast League) after an initial attempt to sell the debt failed.  Read more here.

El Paso Ballpark Rendering 1


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2 responses to “Failure to Find Early Buyers for Bonds Will Jack Up Price of New El Paso Ballpark

  1. One should never market a minor league team to promote what’s on the field. People who do that run into exactly what you just described. Affordable family fun, giveaways, fireworks, circus clowns, dancing pigs, whatever – the best, most consistently best-drawing minor league teams never even mention baseball when they promote their product. Market to the 10 scorecard-filling, retirement home-dwelling, old-school baseball fans in your town, you die. Period.

  2. Bflobaz

    Hard to believe there’s cost overruns on the schedule for the good taxpayers of El Paso. Oh, Goldman Sachs is involved? Uh, huh. Does Capone have the beer concession, too?

    Just maybe, everything’s going along just fine, things happen and this is one of the results … more expensive to the taxpayers than first contemplated when it was sold to the public as needing to tear down the old city hall and make way for a AAA stadium. Maybe the old city hall needed to be torn down, I don’t know. Sure, El Paso has the potential for a large market to draw upon, with an even larger metropolis across the border in Juarez.

    A new ball park is a draw for a little while, just not forever. Fact is, in the minors — be it baseball, hockey, affiliated or not — they’d better win or folks aren’t going to go out there, year after year, to see a losing proposition on the field.

    Look, I don’t have a dog in the hunt, not living but more than 230 miles from El Paso, but a former resident of Buffalo NY and familiar with AAA affiliated ball. They built a brand new stadium downtown and the crowds flocked … until more recently when the bloom was off the rose, Cleveland stopped providing some of the same quality players which gave them great championship teams and then they became the major farm club for the NY Mets. I rested my case even before the 3 losing seasons before becoming a Blue Jays affiliate. A better team, though failing to make the play-offs, improved attendance, but nowhere near the early years of a brand new park.

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