ValleyCats Set Unofficial World Record with 2,685 Fake Mustaches, Team and Fans Await Guinness Recognition

Tri City Valley Cats Secondary LogoPRESS RELEASE – On Saturday, August 24, the first 3,059 fans through the gates of Joseph L. Bruno Stadium in Troy, NY received fake mustaches. At the end of the second inning of play, a total of 2,685 fans took part in putting them on. After the minimum time of five minutes required to keep the ‘staches on was over, the ‘Cats had unofficially set the world record for the largest gathering of people wearing a false mustache.

Tri-City Valley Cats Set Mustache RecordThe promotion was run in honor of ValleyCats manager Ed Romero, a former major leaguer, who is well-known for his mustache. Not only did the fans in attendance participate in the promotion, but even Romero, his coaching staff, the players, and Houston Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow all sported the fake mustaches.

ValleyCats outfielder D'Andre Toney shows off the fake 'stache. (Greg Fisher)

ValleyCats outfielder D’Andre Toney shows off the fake ‘stache. (Greg Fisher)

The ValleyCats will now submit official video evidence, photos, witness accounts and much more from the record breaking attempt, to the Guinness Book of World Records for approval. If the ‘Cats attempt is approved, they will own the record.

The current official world record stands at 1,654, which was set in France earlier this summer. Other venues have unofficially broken that record since then, but the maximum number was just over 2,000.

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