Team Yakima Launches Name-the-Team Contest

West Coast League LogoOwners of the summer collegiate West Coast League expansion franchise in Yakima (WA) have launched a name-the-team contest.  The team will play at Yakima County Stadium beginning in 2014 — replacing the Single-A Yakima Bears (Northwest League), which relocated to a new ballpark in Hillsboro (OR) and became the Hillsboro Hops.   Click here to enter the contest.


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6 responses to “Team Yakima Launches Name-the-Team Contest

  1. Hi guys – the pages are populated with information now. We are moving forward with the launch later this week. Looking forward to the name submissions!

  2. Been Around

    Might look better if they’d waited to launch the site until they had information. Click on any of the info boxes and they’re all blank. Interesting concept.

    • ballparkbiz

      The blanks will be filled in shortly. There was no announcement made about the site, and it wasn’t meant to be live and public yet. We just stumbled across it and innocently shared the news. Oops.


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