Skylands Park On Deck for New Diamond League

Diamond League LogoMark Roscioli, who bought Skylands Park in Sussex County (NJ) back in March is awaiting decision by the start-up indy pro Diamond League about placing a franchise there.  He had this to say in the New Jersey Herald:

“This new league is going to be a success. It’s being run by people with a track record of success. These are very impressive people, they’ve been here, I’m in communication with them and I’m hoping to get a phone call from them telling us we’re in.”

Read more here.  Thanks to John Cerone for the link.


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4 responses to “Skylands Park On Deck for New Diamond League

  1. BB FAN

    Really looking forward to the Diamond League announcements tomorrow.

  2. Jason

    Why can’t Sussex, N.J., be part of the Atlantic League? It would be a great fit along with another franchise. The Diamond League is a nice idea, but I am taking a wait and see approach.

    • Frank Rodriguez

      Well they are suppose to announce all of their teams by OR before Thursday. Sussex while a nice market doesn’t meet Atlantic League stadium requirements.

  3. BB FAN

    who’s next? I don’t see Atlantic City, as the city does not seem eager to invest in new lighting…Worcester? Newark? Brockton? Nashua? Lynn? Bridgeport? any of the former Atlantic League New York markets (Albany, Newburgh)? This is a great first start for the Diamond League and I saw this one coming!

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