Drink Wine, See RiverDogs President Mike Veeck’s Face

Charleston RiverdogsPRESS RELEASE – Michael Jordan’s silhouette on a t-shirt, Justin Bieber’s name on a fragrance and Donald Trump on everything.  There may be one face that tops them all.  Grab a bottle of Shooting Star 2011 Blue Franc and a face will come into clear focus.

Charleston RiverDogs president Mike Veeck’s face graces the Jed Steele brand wine as a watermark, clad in sunglasses and hair flowing in the wind.   Veeck shares the bottle with the Italian Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci.  The label represents a French Franc note and each year Steele chooses a different watermark of a person that has continued to have a good time with wine varieties and labels.

The wine and Veeck are a contrast in style.  While the Blue Franc is described as clean, crisp and unpretentious, Veeck has a history of edgy baseball promotions to go along with a larger than life personality.  This mixture will make the wine go down smoothly, but adds a little kick at the end.  The wine also includes tons of fruit, including warm berry pie, complementing the traces of pepper, almond cherry and cinnamon.

The Shooting Star Blue Franc does share one big similarity with Veeck as both are enjoyed during the summer months.  While the wine goes well with a great festive occasion, Veeck has been known to put on those festive occasions at ballparks around the country during the warm months.

The wine is available through the Jed Steele Winery in Lake County, Calif.  Steele has been involved in making wine for 45-years and specializes in many wines where the final bottling is less than 1,000 cases which allow him to maintain the practice of true craftsmanship in their production of small lot bottling.

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