Vallejo Admirals Suspended

Vallejo Admirals A LogoIn what has turned into a bit of a mess, the startup indy pro Pacific Association has suspended the first-year Vallejo Admirals effective Monday citing the Admirals’ fiscal woes and granted the team’s players free agency.  One investor is seeking a probe of the team’s finances.  Read more here.  As you recall, the league issued a press release on July 5 announcing the East Bay Lumberjacks had been granted full membership in the league, as the Admirals cancelled their road trip to Hawaii.  Thanks to John Cerone and Joe DeLeonard for the update.

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  1. No surprise here, they tried to make themselves look legit and now they are playing semi-pro teams and closing down franchises and the worst they tried to sneak a team that supposedly came from California but came from Maui. To bad another bites the dust.

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