More On Shutting Down the Aces

Aces LogoThe indy pro United League Baseball has confirmed with Alexandria (LA) Mayor Jacques Roy‘s office via e-mail that the circuit has indeed shut down the Alexandria Aces.  League commissioner John Bryant had this to say in the Alexandria newspaper:

“We decided to conclude the Aces’ season, which would’ve ended Aug. 15 anyway, because it was pretty obvious the public will not attend professional baseball at Bringhurst Field in its current condition.

“We think it’s better to focus on the 2014 season and focus on the feasibility study for either refurbishing or rebuilding Bringhurst Field.”

Read more hereWatch KALB-TV News Channel 5 report here.


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2 responses to “More On Shutting Down the Aces

  1. John Adams

    If history repeats itself the ULB will not bring back the ACES (it all come down to money), The ULB does not have any.

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