Can-Am League Looking to Expand for 2014

Can-Am League LogoPRESS RELEASE – The Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball is expecting to expand for the 2014 season and beyond. League commissioner Miles Wolff has been actively talking to municipalities throughout the Northeastern U.S. and Eastern Canada, and the league will be ready to announce new members by September. Potential markets include Atlantic City, N.J.; Worcester, Mass.; Sussex County, N.J.; Montreal, and Ottawa.

“We realize that other leagues have been talking to these cities,” said Wolff, “but we believe the Can-Am League, with a strong lineup of existing cities and a nearly 20-year history, is a more logical choice for municipalities than the start-ups that have been proposed. We have been in contact with municipal officials, and have ownership groups ready to go.”

In regards to Ottawa, Wolff commented, “City officials have sent the Can-Am League the RFO (Request for Offers), and have asked us to respond. We understand that the Eastern League is currently the City of Ottawa’s first choice, but we are ready to step in should the Eastern League proposal fall through.”

The league is also looking at two new markets, and could make an announcement within the next 30 days. Currently, the league includes the Newark Bears, New Jersey Jackals, Quebec Capitales, Rockland Boulders, and Trois-Rivieres Aigles. For the past two seasons, the Can-Am League has played an interlocking schedule with the American Association, North America’s premier independent league. “We have been extremely pleased in the partnership with the American Association, but we are also looking to grow within the Can-Am’s boundaries.”


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6 responses to “Can-Am League Looking to Expand for 2014

  1. Ed Roberts

    Given the track records of Wolff and the Can-Am league and Boulton and the Atlantic league it seems like a no-brainer who you should do business with. Wolff has failed in every market in NE from Pittsfield to Lynn, Bangor to New Haven and just about everywhere in between. On the other hand Boulton has set the gold standard for indy ball. Even though the Diamond league is new I’d want my town in that league.

    • Fan of Baseball

      Ed, I think you have it all wrong. Its not up the commissioner to run day to day operations of every single team in which league they play in. If you look at the Can-Am League & American Association both have Miles Wolff as commissioner, both leagues have a board of directors which tell Miles what to do. Miles can give his input and what not but at the end of the day it comes down to the board making the decisions with Miles following through on them. If your curious the board from both leagues consist of team owners. Some of the people that post on here make no sense, blaming commissioners whether it be Wolff, Boulton, Bill Lee, for failed teams. Take a look at the owners they are the people working hands on with the operation. At the end of the day it comes down to you and I attending games, for the most part teams that fail are because of lack of attendance.

  2. Fan of Baseball

    The thing the Can-Am League has that the Diamond League & Northern League doesn’t is five teams that currently exist. With Quebec City & Trois Rivieres already in the fold I think expansion into Montreal & Ottawa is a given. Probably Ottawa before Montreal because a baseball stadium is already in place. Even though some of the cities above have had failed independent teams, sometimes its not the city but rather the ownership group. If owners put in the bare minimum don’t expect much on the return.

  3. outside of maybe montreal i dont see the can am expanding since their are a lot of options for a town wanting ball in the ne

  4. The Can-Am League is obviously running scared of the new Diamond League. They put out a similar statement last year, so I would take this with a grain if salt

  5. Matty

    Things are about to get interesting I am going to put my money on Boulton in a 1st round knockout. The Can-Am has been a joke for a number of years with the approval of bad ownership (Newark (twice), Atlantic City, Nashua, Brockton (after Murray, Schley and Fallon), Worcester, Ottawa, Sussex…I think he is dreaming, it has been reported that Worcester won’t speak to him, Atlantic City doesn’t seem in a hurry for anything, Sussex needs a ton of work, and Brockton being one of the best Can-Am League teams ever was dropped.

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